22 February 2006

Dog days for psychics

There's a guy who lives a couple of blocks from me who has actually paid for the services of a pet psychic, so I'm not surprised to read this AP story: "Psychics join search for show dog that escaped at New York's Kennedy Airport." It seems that a dozen psychics are helping searchers check cargo buildings for "Vivi."

My friend Pierre, who brought the tale to my attention this morning, asks some cogent questions:
So, I'd like to know ... does having 12 psychics increase the chance of finding Vivi? How would one "interpolate" the predictions to find an "average"? If 6 say the dog is in a building to the north, and 6 say it's to the east, then should the searches look, um, NE? If 10 say meekly that it's there, but 2 say strongly that it's not, who do you listen to? This can be a fun test case...
Indeed it could.


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