19 January 2006

Selecting for intelligent posts

It's amazing what the some newspaper websites moderators will let through in the name of fairness and balance. In the public comments section of a story in today's Globe and Mail about the fascinating discovery of a raft of new species in a California cave, one "Rain SM from Vancouver, Canada" offers the following complaint in response to a quote referring to adaptation.
How does someone turn an exciting scientific discovery into an evolution issue. Someone should be reading their bible instead of the news
I'll tell you how: Through an appreciation that every discovery of a new species is an evolution issue.

I can appreciate how an anti-intellectual Bible-thumper might bristle at the mention of adaptation or related issues in evolutionary biology. What I don't get is a) why such people are reading the science sections in the first place, and b) why bother with a moderator if such drivel is going to make it past the idiocy filter?


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