06 January 2006

Messin' with Texas

Most Texans were probably too drunk celebrating the Longhorn's Rose Bowl win to notice that their governor, Rick Perry, thinks intelligent design is "a valid scientific theory" and should be taught to public school students in the state.

His announcement came just a few weeks after Federal Judge John E. Jones III brutalized the ID movement in Pennsylvania by ruling it isn't science and therefore can't be taught on the taxpayer's dime. (That ruling will cost the taxpayers of Dover, Penn, between $1 million and $2 million in court costs, thanks to the obstinate former board members of the Dover Area School District responsible for trying to sneak creationism into the classroom despite their lawyer's advice to drop it.)

Perry, a Republican, is up for re-election this year. And judging from the responses from his challengers to his latest gaffe, it's looking more and more like alleged fringe candidate Kinky Friedman could get the skeptic's vote. Kinky reportedly told the Austin Statesman: "I'm agin it; there's nothing intelligent about it."



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