30 November 2005

Speaking in Columbus, NC

For my Western North Carolina/Upstate South Carolina readers only:
(Everyone else, skip the rest of this post, and read instead this fascinating account of the latest research into the tendency of the human brain to see evidence of design where none exists.)

I'll be speaking at the Polk County campus of Isothermal Community College (directions here)
on Sunday, 4 Dec 2005, at 2 p.m.
The topic is
No Uncertain Words:
The war on doubt and the need to resurrect Jefferson's Wall.

It will be a PowerPoint-illustrated, 40-minute presentation on the kinds of things I write about in this space. I will be provocative, may ruffle a few feathers, but hope to stay on the safe side of giving offense. Everyone is welcome, and it is a free event, hosted by the Friends of the Polk County Library.


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