29 November 2005

Scandal in Canada

Alert: the following will make sense to Canadian readers only
(Americans without a good grasp of late 20th-century skullduggery in Canada might as well click right on over to Dilbert, Doonesbury or Boondocks)

My old pal Derek Raymaker has posted a bang-on summary of the atrocious behaviour of the Canadian media in a story that should never have revolved around one of their own, but has.

Anyone who remembers Stevie Cameron should know she's one of the best dirt-diggers in the business. Before I left Canada, the country's two top papers, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star were in the business of lambasting her for doing her job better then any of their own staff. Now Raymaker, in his inimitable colorful prose, has taken them to task.

A sample:
This is when it gets ugly. I'm talking Starr Jones ugly. Forget that the RCMP could not manage the Dewey Freaking Decimal System, forget that the central figure, Karlheinz Schreiber, had just been found culpable in the biggest German political scandal since the Reichstag fire (and is still in Canada, out on bail fighting extradition). Forget that this preliminary hearing revealed Shreiber paid Mulroney $300,000 in consulting fees while he was still an MP to blow smoke for a dodgy pasta enterprise.
I urge you to read his rant, and perhaps fire off a letter or two to the offending editors.

And here's Ms. Cameron's relevant blog post. Now back to your regularly scheduled doubtful ramblings.


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