24 May 2006

Tangled Bank LXIV

A mess o' the best in science blogging -- enough to take you through the Memorial Day weekend -- is up at the 54th edition of the Tangled Bank.

Host Bora Zivkovic introduces it thusly:
Long gone are the days when science blogging was a Dog-And-One-Trick-Pony-Show (mixing metaphors is my hobby, as are parentheses): 5 posts debunking Creationists, 5 posts debunking global warming deniers and 5 posts discussing the latest "hot" study as reported in the New York Times. Science Blogging has diversified and matured - there are many more bloggers, each writing what they know, what they like and how they like it, which makes me very happy even if I have to resort to a traditional non-creative format for today's carnival.


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